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t e l e m e t r y

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We just wrapped up the show "Don't Assume I Cook" at the Northwest Film Forum, led by mezzo-soprano Janna Wachter. The show was one of a series of experimental evenings featuring work that combines live performance with film and video. I did two animations for the evening, and also performed as a paparazzi shooting video of Janna singing Donizetti's "O mio Fernando." It was great fun, and I think a very successful show.

One piece, "Palindrome," started with Janna and Victoria Jacobs performing a live dance that involved working with and fighting over a folding rocking chair. At the climax, they swing the chair in circles in a rhythmic motion. As the lights fade on the dancers, an animation fades up, showing two hands with a folding knife doing a similar motion, but in an alternate and much creepier universe. The moves that the hands do with the knife loosely follow the moves of the dancers, but in reverse starting from their ending, so the piece taken as a whole is a physical palindrome. I'm not sure how much of that was obvious to the audience, but I think at least the animation served as an interesting reinperpretation of the live performance.

Here's the animation for "Palindrome."

This was my first After Effects project, and I'm happy to say it looked pretty good on a big screen, despite being filmed with a consumer point and shoot (Canon S95) with completely natural light. Edward was the cinematographer and directed my hands. Christopher MacRae created the wonderful ambience and other sounds. There's significant bass rumbling that doesn't come through on most computer speakers, sadly.

The other animation in the show was a slight variant of one I did earlier, called "In Situ." I will post a link to that soon.

I hope to get links to the performances as well that I'll include here.


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