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I'm getting really excited about going to Ražanj Croatia next summer. My friend Kim Collmer has been going there for years to participate in an artist residency called sub-art. Ražanj is a rustic village on the coast of the Aegean sea in Dalmatia, across from Italy. Artists gather there for a few weeks each summer to create under water art works, or art that is simply inspired by the sea or being in that place.

I have an animation I've been thinking about for a very long time that I hope work on there. I can't wait. Following are some things I've been looking at for inspiration.

Water Level 9,40m ... from Alex.Be. on Vimeo.

I love the sound of the bubbles as he goes under. And the way the flowers on the trees are so perfectly preserved. And floating along the underwater paths. What a fleeting moment.

The Fold, by Kim Collmer. This was created with footage from sub-art residency in Ražanj.

underwater from celina jerzmanowska on Vimeo.

Coral Gardening from Jonathan Clay on Vimeo.


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