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jesus of peeps

Well, it's finally done. 494 Peeps. It's sweeter than My Sweet Lord, and perhaps a little less controversial.

jesus of peeps (c) janet galore

The Jesus of Peeps (JoP) is 4.5 ft tall x 3.5 ft wide, counting the frame. I had to make it big because each pixel (1 Peep) is approximately 1.5" x 2.5". Even at that size, it's extremely low rez, only 26 x 19 Peep pixels. So you have to squint a bit.

I had 6 colors to work with, as I started collecting Peeps for this about 3 years ago, and each year they vary the set of colors offered. This year, for example, they didn't do any white ones, so I was really pleased I snagged enough last year. And they premiered green ones this year, so I used those for the hands.

peep pixels (c) janet galore

I'm hoping to find a place to show it at some point--it's a lot better in real life with better lighting.

Here are a couple of other views. Happy Easter!


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