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sub-art residency

posted by janet on November 26, 2010

In August, I had the delight of traveling to Ražanj, Croatia for an arts residency called sub-art. (See previous post: subaqueous.)

Ražanj is a rustic village on the coast of the Aegean sea in Dalmatia, across from Italy. Artists gather there for a few weeks each summer to create under water art works, or art that is simply inspired by the sea or being in that place. Besides the incredibly clean waters of the sea, I was taken with the limestone that permeates everything on that coast, and forms the islands.

I had intended to work on an animation I've been planning for years, but instead decided to focus on the present, and respond to what was around me without a lot of project planning and analysis that I habitually practice in my job.

Here are the films that resulted.

Der Gesteingeist

This was a site specific installation. The film is more of a study for future projects than a complete project. I wanted to have some interaction between the digital character and the real world, and the sea is such a primal force in this place, it was natural to use water. The limestone rocks are characters unto themselves. Gesteingeist is a made-up word, loosely translated as "rock ghost" or "rock spirit." The German language is widely spoken in Ražanj, and also by my good friends who helped me make this installation.

Brazda na vodi (swirl)

This film is meant to be contemplative and experiential. I wanted to embrace chance and the subconscious, to get away from a narrative. The result is being in the moment and the motion, not paying attention to any specific thing. Within the rhythmic wash of sound and motion, fragmentary images pop out: a hand, the shore, a swim suit, a foot, the clouds. Our brains are always looking for a story.

Disortion field

This is a study of the natural movement and distortion effects of water.


An ambient little film, walking under water.