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wtf? - new mobile app to deliver pure contextual search results

posted by edward on November 20, 2009


In my spare time, I've been thinking about a new mobile app called WTF. This is a search app reduced to pure context.

WTF has just one function, simply select WTF and you will get the most appropriate response based on who you are, where you are, what you're doing. Your phone already knows who you are, where you are, where your friends are, what you've been searching for, who you've been talking to, etc., so we ought to be able to leverage this contextual data to provide a rich search experience.

Traffic at a dead standstill? Select WTF and you will be told "Blue Angels are in town."

Waiting for a friend at the restaurant? Just press WTF to learn, "Steve's been in the bathroom on the 3rd floor for the past 20 minutes. Maybe you should ask if he's ok?"

Girlfriend not texting you back? Press WTF to learn: "She's with Bill--maybe it's time to move on."

The thing is with smart, GPS enabled phones, there's no reason an app couldn't infer all of this information today. So why not WTF?

WTF was part of a lecture I gave November 19, 2009.

pseudo-science and vaccinations

posted by edward on November 01, 2009

Who would you trust with the health of your child?

Jenny McCarthy






A) Jenny McCarthy - Playboy Centerfold and Comedian who has a child with autism.


Barry Marshall






B) Barry Marshall - Winner of the Nobel Prize and vaccine researcher.

If you chose "A" you're among a growing number of well educated and presumably otherwise sane adults who eschew vaccinations.

A recent Wired article An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All written by Amy Wallace summarizes the vaccination debate. She reiterates the facts, which are sufficient to my mind to make disagreement sound like the deranged spoutings of conspiracy theorists. Wallace documents how medical researchers who unambiguously support vaccinations are being demonized simply for stating their professional opinions. The pseudo-science of the Web is drowning out the conclusions of legitimate research.

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