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whither posts?

posted by janet on August 31, 2009

This space has been dormant for many months... my online communication habits changed steadily as more and more of my friends joined facebook and it became a rewarding place to share quick links and quips. To some extent I find it a good place to genuinely connect with people who are far away. But it's also a lazy way to communicate publicly... it takes 5 mins to check out boingboing, neatorama, pink tentacle, wfmu, we-make-money-not-art, or other fb posts to find something others have pre-filtered to be delightful, shocking, weird, puzzling, nostalgic, whatever your mood. And it's all as if we are in this big room each making individual random proclamations, flitting from person to person, diving in with a comment, not waiting to hear a response. Like a giant flock of sparrows in a bush cheep-cheep-cheeping away. Im one of them, for sure...

But I think Id like to keep up with my own thoughts in a separate place, here, where I set the context. Take a little more time to say something thoughtful. A friend of mine is concerned that current digital culture is devolving us into expressions of disconnected fragments of ephemera and trivial mash-upsa culture of reaction without action. Cant say I disagree. Ill try to be more generative, or at least wrap the things I find interesting with some critical thought. Ill keep the mere wow, look at this! items on fb.