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david lynch device dissonance

posted by janet on January 10, 2008

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. God I love David Lynch.

converging digital and architectural

posted by janet on January 06, 2008

(via beyond the beyond) Christopher Baker did a beautiful installation in Copenhagen, where viewers send SMS messages to a building and their questions and answers become part of the building and the sonic environment.

Urban Echo from Christopher Baker on Vimeo.

It does much more than simply projecting onto a large surface. The digital information interacts with the architectural features of the building, going around windows, with its own physics and gravity. Lately I've been thinking about the coming convergence of the digital and physical worlds (augmented reality, an internet of things, unmediated user interfaces). It's already starting to happen.

This installation is a great example of how it would feel to have digital data truly integrated with the environment, as opposed to being a self-contained projection or veneer. The next step would be enabling the data to change the physical structure...

I live for the day when Bladerunner is outdated, as long as we can unplug whenever we want to.

bladerunner - ad on building

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captain fantastic 2008 style

posted by janet on January 05, 2008

Last year we were in Brooklyn for New Year's, but this year we resumed our tradition of heading up to Vancouver on New Year's Eve, staying at the Sylvia Hotel, and diving into English Bay with a few hundred other silly people at the Vancouver Polar Bear swim.

Ed, not deterred by crutches, thought this might be the time to don the Captain Fantastic outfit in Canada. Waxy Photography (John Goldsmith) caught him as he emerged from the salty 44 degree water...

cold water rinse (c) waxy photography
(c) Waxy Photography

And another paparazzo caught him on video:

I was the sidekick in pink.

ed and janet in vancouver jan 1, 2008

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