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reason 547 why i love flickr

posted by janet on October 29, 2007

I'm so happy! The owner of Blue C Sushi contacted me via Flickr to license one of my Japanese vending machine photos to use in their new Alderwood location, which opens very soon.

pocari sweat closeup by janet galore

It was random chance... he didn't know that Blue C is pretty much my favorite restaurant (it always puts me in a good mood), that I'm a Japanophile, that I live in Seattle, or that I'd be overjoyed to have any of my work in their establishments (Fremont has Kozyndan for heaven's sake).

But Flickr made it possible. Yay!

goodbye bridge motel

posted by janet on October 28, 2007

I'm catching up on posting photos. Here are a few from the Goodbye Bridge Motel night at the Bridge Hotel next to the Aurora bridge, September 15, 2007. Ed and I stopped by there after going to our friend's 40th at the Swedish Cultural Center. It was such a Seattle night...

goodbye bridge motel (c) janet galore

We got there just before midnight, as the Number 9 fire engine idled in the street. The revelry was coming to a crescendo. The parking lot was full of squashed beer cans and people, spilling from the glowing red rooms of the motel. In the parking lot full of furniture and grafitti, a woman bounced on mattresses piled from the rooms, and a young man jumped onto a long dining table, sliding down the length and clearing it of plates, glasses, and empty beer bottles with a crash. Soon the organizers were yelling that the party was over and it was time to go home. People slowly started to disperse into the streets, taking with them the spririt of the evening.

About the Bridge Motel and the evening

My Bridge Motel photos at flickr


posted by janet on October 16, 2007

Not sure how fun this actually is, but the concept is killer. I want to see it in person. (via gizmodo)

"Julian Oliver, from New Zealand, has put together an awesome interactive cube game, called levelHead. The idea behind it is pretty simple; software is used to detect the cube's motion and a set of digital cameras are then utilized to display an appropriate image, depending on your response."