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fun public sculpture in chicago

posted by janet on September 23, 2007

We recently visited Chicago and looking back on the trip, some of the most fun we had was with public sculpture.

Sky's the Limit

Sky's the Limit is a neon installation in the United terminal at O'Hare in Chicago. It was created by Michael Hayden, and was installed in the connector between United concourses B and C in 1989. The music is by William Kraft. It's 744 feet long, reportedly the longest neon sculpture in the world.

When it's busy, the space feels hyperexcited and confusing, probably not the intent. But on this day, it wasn't too crowded, and people seemed to relax into the environment. It's fun to watch the kids react.

Cloud Gate

cloud gate (c) janet galore

Cloud Gate was created by British artist Anish Kapoor, and was installed in Millenium Park in 2004. It's constructed of highly polished stainless steel plates and measures 66 long by 33 feet high. It's like a giant blob of mercury reflecting everything around it--the buildings when you stand far away, and people when you stand closer.

One of the best parts of being around this sculpture is watching the people approach and interact with it. People of all kinds walk up with giant grins on their faces, completely unselfconscious. It begs to be touched, and most people do, or take pictures of their reflections. Adults and kids run underneath, giggling.

Hi Bob

edward galore and bob newhart

Bob Newhart's original show that ran from 1972-78 is one of our favorites, especially the opening music. We encountered Bob Newhart on our way to the Navy Pier. He was originally installed outside the building that was Bob's office in the opening credits of the show (430 N Michigan Ave) in 2004, but was later moved to the Navy Pier because he attracted so much attention and needed a little more space. TV Land commisioned the sculpture from Studio EIS.

Here are some more pictures of our Chicago trip at Flickr.