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thank you, kastrup

posted by janet on August 12, 2007

The Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup is the most beautiful airport I've been through. I was delighted to learn it was the inspiration for Brian Eno's "Music for Airports," which was the genesis of ambient music as a form.

Eno realized that airports spend too much effort distracting you from the fact your body will be 10 km above terra firma cradled in a machine. He says instead, airports should give you the feeling is doesn't matter if you die--you're just a piece of the universe and you're going to travel in the sky.

I couldn't agree more.

Eno explains the thinking behind Music for Airports

copenhagen airport, kastrup
Ed at the Copenhagen Airport

History of ambient music on wikipedia
Guide to Copenhangen Airport art and architecture (pdf)
Ambient 1: Music for Airports at Amazon

you'll know where to find me...

posted by janet on August 09, 2007

Virgin America Airlines launched its new service yesterday (August 8), and Xeni Jardin took a lot of pics and wrote about it on boingboing. Suffice to say I will be on one of those flights as soon as possible. I wonder how hard the flight attendant training is...?

Virgin American Airlines - photo by Xeni Jardin
photo by xeni jardin

Read Xeni's account
Lots of photos here
Another account of the inaugural flight

Maybe this is a hint that companies and people will start caring about how they travel again, and we haven't forgotten the beauty of flying. Between this and the 787, I think great airliner design is coming back. How I hope it is.

When they put the kaiten sushi conveyor belts down the aisles, I'll know we're there.

more analog pixels - animated dice

posted by janet on August 04, 2007

An amazing music video from Fujiya & Miyagi, a band from Brighton, UK. Directed by Wade Shotter at Factory Films. From what I can ascertain, the animation was indeed stop motion. (via neatorama)

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