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moo minicards

posted by janet on April 21, 2007

I just ordered sets of minicards for Ed and me from moo.com. They're like skinny business cards and you can have up to 100 different pictures in a set. You can work from flickr or upload your own, only $20 for 100. The visual and interactive design of moo.com is simple, pleasing, and fun.

moo minicards for the galores

I'm hooked!

papercraft of steak tenderloin

posted by janet on April 14, 2007

Via Papercraft, yum!

paper steak tenderloin from atelier fare (japan)

You can grab all the pieces here, including plate, knife, and fork, which lends a pleasing diner-style charm. And it has the steak in a raw version, too.

Hmm, Seattle needs a papercraft show...

home alive auction

posted by janet on April 12, 2007

This Saturday is a benefit auction for Home Alive, a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable self-defense classes and public education.

I donated a lightbox for the auction, the first in Airliner Series 2, called Security (Xanax). The other security lightboxes are called Security (Glock-17) and Security (Jack Daniels).

Security (Xanax) (c) janet galore
Security (Xanax)

jesus of peeps

posted by janet on April 07, 2007

Well, it's finally done. 494 Peeps. It's sweeter than My Sweet Lord, and perhaps a little less controversial.

jesus of peeps (c) janet galore

The Jesus of Peeps (JoP) is 4.5 ft tall x 3.5 ft wide, counting the frame. I had to make it big because each pixel (1 Peep) is approximately 1.5" x 2.5". Even at that size, it's extremely low rez, only 26 x 19 Peep pixels. So you have to squint a bit.

I had 6 colors to work with, as I started collecting Peeps for this about 3 years ago, and each year they vary the set of colors offered. This year, for example, they didn't do any white ones, so I was really pleased I snagged enough last year. And they premiered green ones this year, so I used those for the hands.

peep pixels (c) janet galore

I'm hoping to find a place to show it at some point--it's a lot better in real life with better lighting.

Here are a couple of other views. Happy Easter!