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surrealist techniques

posted by janet on January 29, 2007

In case you need it, wikipedia has a nice roundup of surrealist techniques, including exquisite corpse, involuntary sculpture, the paranoiaic-critical method, and outagraphy.

There's also a helpful book called A Book of Surrealist Games that gives more history and details of the classics.

surrealist games book cover.

tealight stop motion

posted by janet on January 28, 2007

Here's another cool example of people using analog pixels--stop motion arcade game animation with tealights! (thanks boingboing)

I love the effect of the candle flickers.

new york and brooklyn

posted by janet on January 07, 2007
We took a short trip to New York and mostly stayed in Brooklyn visiting friends for the new year. My mom and sisters were born there, and our family used to have a deli. It turns out it was only a short walk from where Friese and Roshen live.

Here are a few shots from the trip at flickr.

empire state building at new year's 2007 (c) janet galore

found photos

posted by janet on January 05, 2007

My friend Mark Sullo has an excellent photo blog called Lovely Water Parade.

Today he has a collection of his favorite found photos from 2006.
she was one zany chick

He also has many beautiful photos from his recent trip to Japan.

Happy New Year!