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a little yule log

posted by janet on December 23, 2006

Here's our little yule to you.

I have long loved the Yule Log, first broadcast 40 years ago on WPIX in New York. This year many stations are airing the original version with a restored soundtrack from 1966. There's also a competing HD version... and of course, a mobile version.

This year on December 25 from 9am - 11am in Seattle, KMYQ TV (broadcast channel 22/cable channel 10) will air the original Yule Log.

Happy Holidays.

surreal kirkland

posted by janet on December 22, 2006

Ed and I got stuck driving the back roads of the East Side to get home the morning after the December 14 windstorm (long story). It looked like someone shoved the trees into a chipper and unleashed it on the roadway--the smell of pine was intoxicating.

Some neighbors decided to take things into their own hands...

another reason i'm a japanophile

posted by janet on December 10, 2006

dekotora = "decoration trucks"

See the full posting at Pink Tentacle.


just let it all out

posted by janet on December 04, 2006

too much computer.

(found on myspace - alas, I can't take credit for this brilliant animation)