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old style calling the new style way

posted by janet on November 11, 2006

Today we-make-money-not-art.com featured Simon Claesson, who mashed up an old landline phone with a cell phone.

simon claesson

This reminded me of the bluetooth retro handset you can get at thinkgeek.com, or even cooler: sexy retro bases and handsets for hulger phones.

penelope handset by hulger

And then I remembered one of my favorite art pieces ever, by Jed Ela - the Ironphone. He did this in 1998 and it really worked. Wish I had bought one...

ironphone, by jed ela
jed ela on his ironphone

I'm just waiting for someone to strip the guts out of a sweet vintage brick and upgrade it to G3.

dr. martin cooper in 1982, inventor of the first cell phone
Motorola DynaTAC 8000X circa 1983

mr. and mrs. f'nstein

posted by janet on November 05, 2006
We dressed up as Frank and his bride for Halloween this year--we had fun.

bride of frank (c) janet galore
janet as frank's bride

See shots of both of us at flickr.