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archive for October of 2006

one couple, two very different perspectives on the internet and interactive design

posted by edward on October 23, 2006

Our dear friend Kim Collmer recently asked Janet and me, and several other friends, what we thought about the state of the Internet and Interactive Design. Though Janet and I have been working in similar fields, we have very different perspectives on the Internet. Janet's work tends to emphasize content, while my work tends to emphasize systems. The following are several interview questions posed by Kim and our answers.

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ed's new eyes

posted by janet on October 14, 2006

Ed has worn glasses since he was 9, and was legally blind without them. In September, he got LASIK surgery at the Pacific Cataract and Laser Center in Bellevue with Dr. Ford. It was amazing - we were in and out in about an hour, and the procedure itself took about 5 minutes for both eyes.

ed's feet with covers
The little foot covers barely fit his Fluevogs!

ed with dr. ford and assistant
Getting the surgery

Here's the video of the whole procedure, start to finish. The assistant narrates the procedure, but it's a little hard to hear her--you can turn up the volume. It's 6 minutes.

No more glasses!