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food products

posted by janet on September 17, 2006

Another one of the things I collect is canned food products and interesting packaging. The cans and bags start piling up and after a while I don't know what to do with them. I'm a minimalist trapped in a collector's body, and I'm driving myself crazy with the clutter.

I finally realized that I can let some of my beloved objects go if I capture the essence with a photo. Go digital.

Check out my food products set on flickr--some are gut churningly disgusting or simply perplexing. The contrast of the food engineer speak in the ingredients lists with the chirpy marketing promos on the cans makes me smile.

ham chunks. photo: janet galore

Of course, I'll still have to keep a few cans around.

happy meat

posted by janet on September 17, 2006

From tombland at flickr. No words needed.

meat face. photo: tombland

tsunami sisters vs. new male order vixens

posted by janet on September 05, 2006

Ok, I posted the photos from our bout at the Pin Down Girls championship in June 2006 at the Showbox. Lots of great action.

kudaku tsunami gives it to natasha vixen photo: vince miller

Thank you to Shauna Mascord, Vince Miller, Maura Donoughue, and Babe of Belltown for sharing their photos with me and letting me post them on Flickr.