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back stage at the pin down girls

posted by janet on August 22, 2006

I'm working on getting photos posted on flickr of the Pin Down Girls wrestling match. For now I've posted the back stage and photo shoot pics - many from some other talented photographers. I'll add photos from the bout itself soon.

The show was in June at the Showbox, and the training and practices before the show were as much fun as the show itself. Heather Hughes and I were the Tsunami Sisters, born in Concrete WA but trained as fighting geishas in Japan after being sold into slavery. Our trainers were Simon (Simba Six Killer) and Taylor (Mr. Fitness) from Seattle Semiprofessional Wrestling. We practiced weekly, and later nightly, at Con Works and Big Building.

submit! photo: cori larson
photo: cori larson

Ed was the card boy, holding the signs between bouts and being a very hunky Captain Fantastic

captain fantastic photo: vince miller
photo: vince miller

I can't remember when I've had more fun. Thank you Cissy, Taylor, Maura, Heather, and everyone else.

Note: the Tsunami Sisters are performing this Thursday at Big Wheel Bingo. There will be evening gowns and blood (not ours).

japanese construction worker fashion

posted by janet on August 20, 2006

I can't believe it... the union of two of my favorite design influences. And from one of the coolest design sites.

Japanese construction worker fashion
japanese construction worker fashion (c) ping magazine

I have the orange jumpsuit, now just for the amazing tabi boots.

feline fruit fetish

posted by janet on August 05, 2006

Our cat seriously loves cantelope. She smells it in the grocery bag as soon as we bring it home.