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phaser on overload

posted by edward on April 30, 2006
What good is the Web if in this day and age I can't find any site to download the sound effect of a Star Trek phaser on overload? What good is it? None, I tell you. I searched high and low and found thousands of Star Trek sounds, but nowhere was a phaser on overload to be found.

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pictures of mohammed

posted by edward on April 29, 2006
Includes post-South Park episode update.

The Muslim response to European newspapers publishing of cartoons depicting Mohammed has somewhat bewildered me. All "Sons of Abraham," Jews, Christians, and Muslims are prohibited from depicting God in image, and for the same reasons. In response to paganism, the believers of these monotheistic faiths were forbidden from idol worship. However, neither the prohibition against idolatry nor the presence of images of Mohammed is anything new. So, why the rioting now? I can only conclude that 1) The real issue is not the images themselves but other grievances, and 2) Muslim extremists are inciting riots because of images that most Muslims can accept, tolerate, or ignore.

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posted by janet on April 08, 2006

Ed's brother, Scott Ashley, is a very talented artist in Chicago. He's also assistant director of the Perimeter Gallery. He works in a variety of media, most often textiles and sculpture, usually with a strong conceptual edge. His latest piece just got accepted into the Rockford Midwestern 2006 show at the Rockford Art Museum, and it's called "Overgrown," made of aluminized fabric. It stands 6 feet tall.

"overgrown" (c) 2006 scott ashley

One of my favorite pieces Scott ever did (among many favorites) is when he was in grad school at Pratt in NYC, working on his MFA. He had one 2-hour class he knew he'd have to miss. Instead of asking someone to bring a tape recorder into class to record the lecture, he stayed up very late the night before, recording himself sitting in front of his video camera for 2 hours, just looking interested, listening. Then, before the class, he went to the classroom and brought in a little TV monitor and video deck. When the class started, the video was started, and Scott was there, sitting in classs, virtually if not synchronously. He's brilliant.