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back from japan

posted by janet on March 28, 2006

We are back from the trip of a lifetime... our first visit to Japan. I plan on writing some thoughts, but for now, here are some photos from the trip on flickr.

ed on the yamanote line (c) janet galore

best engrish menu ever

posted by janet on March 11, 2006

I have a great love and respect for the Chinese and Japanese languages (I'm studying Japanese), but my absurdist sense of humor draws me in to anything Engrish.

Here is the apex of Engrish menus, utterly absurd, courstesy of John Rahoi. Tristan Tzara would be proud.

steam the fish mouth (c) John Rahoi

I also like John's t-shirt designs at amusingtees.com...

united arab emirates and u.s. ports

posted by edward on March 10, 2006
For the Bush administration, national security takes a back seat to corporate interests. Saudi Arabia and, to a lesser extent, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), export terrorism with every barrel of oil they sell. Saudi and UAE militants have been waging war in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in Iraq, and in the Philippines. The Saudi and UAE royalty are officially opposed to terrorism, but they are reluctant to crack down on Islamic maximallists, including those who support terrorism, for fear of a conservative backlash within their own countries. Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia and the UAE indirectly provide aid to terrorists by legitimizing Jihad, and they provide direct aid in the form of funding. At the same time that they were doing business with American companies, and hosting US Military bases and Navy ports, the UAE was tolerating terrorists. As long as American companies are getting rich on the arrangements ($6.5 billion for Lockheed-Martin alone), the administration is willing to accept the lackadaisical Saudi and UAE opposition to terrorism.

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posted by janet on March 08, 2006

From my friend Kurt, "this thing is creepy."

That's for sure - my jaw was open during the whole video. The most advanced quadruped on Earth, BigDog is powered by a gasoline engine that drives a hydraulic actuation system.

Right click and download the video if it doesn't play well.

bigdog by boston dynamics

Watch for when the engineer kicks it... amazing.