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wallpapers for you

posted by janet on February 18, 2006

I've made a couple of desktop wallpapers for you to use. I'll be making more and posting them on my wallpapers page. Just right click (or click-hold on Macs) and select "Save Target As" to download.

chisai-san 1600x1200 ookii-san 1600x1200

new animations

posted by janet on February 10, 2006

director's lounge - berlin

I have a couple of new animations that will be shown at the Director's Lounge in Berlin, Feb 12-13. The "Forming Motion" part of the festival was curated by my friend Kim Collmer--it's a very strong line up of short films and animations.

My contributions:
Party Party Chisai-san, original score by Matt Corwine
In Situ, compositions by Briggan Krauss

Matt and Briggan are both uniquely talented performers and composers.

Matt Corwine's site
Briggan Krauss's site


posted by janet on February 01, 2006

From NASA's site: "Using a simple police scanner or ham radio, you can listen to a disembodied spacesuit circling Earth."
-- courtesy of John Bain at dorkbot-sea.


They'll dump the suit overboard of the International Space Station on Feb 3, and the batteries broadcasting a 30-second message in multiple languages will likely last a few days. You can use NASA's
J-Pass utility to find out when to tune in--look for the International Space Station, which will share a similar orbit to the suit.

A cosmic numbers station!

Feb 6 update: I'm still looking for recordings of the transmission, but you can look here for updates, and at suitsat.org for reports of all transmissions worldwide.

Feb 7 update: Here are some recordings from the suit!