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archive for June of 2005

virtual plane spotting

posted by janet on June 21, 2005
You can waste a lot of time playing with the satellite maps on Google. My new favorite pastime: virtual plane spotting, courtesy of Googlesightseeing.com. Even more amusing than the images and planes are the conversations around what types of planes they are and the circumstances of the satellite shot.

And don't forget the nuclear power plants.

tesla night

posted by janet on June 09, 2005
Last Sunday dorkbot seattle celebrated its second anniversay with Tesla Night. I celebrated my first appearance at a dorkbot event by attending.

Matt Stiger had a tesla coil that rivaled some of Dale Travous's monsters. It made me heavily nostalgic for the days at Dale's lab in the Kalberer Hotel Supply building downtown Seattle. I miss Dale.

Especially fun was getting to play with over 2 million volts, thanks to Matt.

matt stiger tesla coil - photo by harrison

janet playing with 2M+ volts

In the early 90s, Dale also used electro magnets to shrink coins.

the integrity of messages

posted by janet on June 04, 2005
My friend Kevin told me about Post Secret, a community art project that asks people to mail in postcards illustrating a secret or confession. It's had some press lately. Like other cool or moving experiences on the net, I have to wonder about how much is honest and how much is fabricated for the titilation of the masses (or the author). Anonymous works don't come with guarantees of authenticity, and that uncertainty forces you to overlay a bit of cynicism on any emotions you might have when viewing them. If something might not be genuine, it adds another dimension. Both literal and cynical interpretations are simultaneously true. Intentionally anonymous messages force us to live with that paradox, like Schroedinger's Cat. All works on the net have some degree of inauthenticity, which is great if you like to think for yourself.

My favorite confessional showcase is Found Magazine. These messages and photos are many steps removed from their creators and original purpose. Discarded or lost, they are later picked up by someone else, publicly distributed, and reinterpreteted with little or no context. Now that's got integrity.

to take this pill - foundmagazine.com

info remixing

posted by janet on June 02, 2005
Got Firefox and a desire to banish ads on your favorites sites forever? Want to show only negative feedback automatically on eBay? Or specify several dates/locations at once in an Expedia search? Bend a site to your will with Greasemonkey user scripts.

Information still wants to be free.