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posted by janet on May 25, 2005
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manifest destiny and the apollo space program

posted by edward on May 25, 2005

There is something truly awsome about the fact that we put a man on the Moon. Considering how close to my heart the Apollo Space Program is, it is hard for me to imagine that every American isn't so spell bound by this accomplishment. Below is a paper relating the Apollo program to the American myth. For me, the lunar landing is the American myth, but it is actually just one form of American mythology circa 1969.

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jerry falwell and led zeppelin, together at last...

posted by edward on May 22, 2005
One evening after a rally in Seattle, Falwell and a few students reportedly went to an adjacent hall to see the tail end of a Led Zeppelin concert that had earlier disturbed their own meeting. There they witnessed a horrifying scene. Thousands of young men and women were lying on the floor, engaged in every filthy act imaginable. The discordant sounds were deafening. On the stage the rock star hero of thousands of American young people stood with outstretched arms in front of a cross, with psychedelic, fluorescent lights twirling around him.

Jerry felt in a small measure the tremendous weight of sin that was placed on Jesus Christ at the cross, and his heart ached. He resolved anew to help young Christians turn this country upside down for Christ.

--The Book of Jerry Falwell, by Susan Friend Harding, 2000, page 120.

Now, this quote is interesting all on its own, but I have to make a few comments. First, Jerry Falwell was at a Zeppelin concert!? What was he doing there, and what did he think he'd see but a bunch of American kids "sinning?"

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mtv, the holocaust, and liberal anti-semitism

posted by edward on May 22, 2005
One of the RSVP's to my graduation party mentioned an MTV Holocaust commercial that apparently (I haven't seen it) makes it very clear that American children are clueless about the Holocaust. Not surprising, Im afraid. When I googled "MTV Commercial Holocaust" the first link returned was this one: www.stormfront.org/archive/t-202714MTV_commercial.html which links to a white supremacist site...

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i found the sky

posted by janet on May 21, 2005
I found the sky. Limitless. I've spent so much time watching my feet. They, they plod along. The road, the soil. My mud caked feet. Then I look up. The stars. They twinkle. Froze. Glass. The night sky became a fragile chandelier. In my frame the stars swung in the windless night. Undisturbed, it shattered. Glass.

(found in a box, hastily written by ed many years ago)

explained by andy warhol

posted by janet on May 14, 2005
From The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again).

"Today my favorite kind of atmosphere is the airport atmosphere. If I didn't have to think about the idea that airplanes go up in the air and fly it would be my perfect atmosphere. Airplanes and airports have my favorite kind of food service, my favorite kind of bathrooms, my favorite kinds of entertainment, my favorite loudspeaker systems, my favorite conveyor belts, my favorite graphics and colors, the best security checks, the best views, the best perfume shops, the best employees, and the best optimism. I love the way you don't have to think about where you're going, someone else is doing that, but I just can't get over the crazy feeling I get when I look out and see the clouds and know I'm really up-there. The atmosphere is great, it's the idea of flying that I question. I guess I'm not an air person, but I'm on an air schedule, so I have to live an air life. I'm embarrassed that I don't like to fly because I love to be modern, but I compensate by loving airports and airplanes so much." - Andy Warhol

airline bag lounge

posted by janet on May 06, 2005
Breeze through airline bags galore at Troy M. Litten's site. His book is Wanderlust.

janet inroute to kauai

google: command line interface to the world

posted by janet on May 02, 2005
It hit me a couple of weeks ago... the search box in Google is quickly becoming a command line interface to the world. Type in "define:xxx" and you get multiple definitions of xxx. Type in a phone number and you get a name and address. You can do all sorts of search concatenation and Boolean manipulations. You can type in mathematical expressions and get answers. Type in "movie" and you get movie listings in your city. Google always seems to know what we want.

There are many more features of Google's "search," but it's already beyond search. I can imagine a day in the future when we'll say, "open the pod bay doors, Google." Makes me wonder if all our searching isn't a massive neural net training in disguise.