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archive for April of 2005

The Spanish American War: A proto-Iraq Adventure

posted by edward on April 29, 2005
Yesterday in my class on American Religion and Power the professor gave a brief lecture on the Spanish-American war, surmising correctly that the students knew next to nothing about this war. Whatever I learned about the war previously has evaporated, and I even studied it briefly as part of my class "War" at the UW only one year ago. Do all Americans have short memories or is it just me? ...

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5 reasons ed is not a metrosexual

posted by janet on April 24, 2005
Ed has appropriately dubbed the Metropolitan Market on top of Queen Anne the Metrosexual Market. Their mini green shopping carts belong on a catwalk.

Though he might be mistaken for one, here are 5 reasons Ed is not a metrosexual

  1. He does not own an iPod.

  2. He does not have little rectangular glasses.

  3. He outweighs the typical metrosexual by 50 pounds.

  4. All his Calvin Klein underwear have holes in them.

  5. He plays Dungeons & Dragons.

how animals think

posted by janet on April 23, 2005
The May issue of Discover magazine has an article about Temple Grandin's new book, Animals in Translation.

Dr. Grandin is the well-known autistic who reconceived how cows and pigs are brought to slaughter. The slaugherhouse chute known as the "stairway to heaven" minimizes fear and panic. This seems paradoxically Zen to me, working for the humane treatment of animals while they walk peacefully to their death...

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